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Welcome to my website. This is website is a testment to me I guess. You can see some of my web design work, my C.V. and links to other websites I like. The main content will be my blog. I try to update it often with pictures, running commentry and just general stuff.

I feel I should put a brief introduction here about me and the point of this website, so ..

It seems in today's society we all have to stake our claim on the web, put a flag of who we are online. Most use myspace/facebook or one of the mirade of social networking sites out there (though I read somewhere social networks are to socialising what mastubation is to having sex) and I am no exception. Yet these do no justice to my personality, hence was created. I have been squatting on this domain for a few years now, one of these days it will actually have something useful on it.

I have been asked on occasion where "schlamniel" came from, it is the brain child of several of my school friends. I belive Nikolia came up with "schlamm" which is a german word for "mud" or covered in mud, which was shortened to "schlam" (which I have recently learned is a german word for vulva.. nice isn't it) and stuck the misspelling of my name on the end. So as the saying goes "With friends like this ..." .

What I have been listening to: